The Death of Architecture; Circa 2000 is a traveling exhibition assembled by 13 of India’s thinking and concerned design practices.

Through evocative art works, poetry and prose, the exhibition decodes and amplifies actions some which are orchestrated, others inconsiderate. Actions, that slowly tear and restructure the fabric of our cities and the architecture within and along with that impact our sense of being.

The exhibition presents evidence that will allow discussions about our present, and yet at the same time is embedded with clues and signs that can help effect meaningful dialogues about the future. In a sense, it consolidates the many critical discussions that forms the dough which leads to design such as those about the demise of our cities as we know them, or the meaning of inspirations from the past, or ideas of beauty, or duplicitous ways of achieving identity, or ways of understanding spatiality.

The exhibition is a strong mirror,that will allow cities and design communities to structure conversations that are pertinent to their immediate realm and concerns.

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Abaxial based out of Delhi is a young firm led by Suparna Bhalla. In addition to evolving responsible design strategies for large scale real estate projects managed by Ashish Bhalla, the firm also invests time in designing a series of exhibitions on Indian craft that have been showcased overseas.

Website – www.abaxial.org
Mail – mail@abaxial.org

Design Workshop having worked on Marathi and Canadian Films, Shabbir Unwala is influenced by the intersection of Movies and Architecture. He set up the design studio in Lonavala in 1989 and operates his practice from there.

Mail – contact@designworkshop.co

Navkar Architects is led by Girish Doshi in Pune, the studio was set up in 1987, and is heavily influenced by the work of Prof. V. D Joshi and the art of ferrogami. Girish is the Design Chair at the Brick School of Architecture in Pune.

Website – www.prachishambhu.wordpress.com
Mail – girishdoshi@gmail.com

Vikas Dilawari Architects in addition to being involved in academics, Vikas Dilawari’s firm in Mumbai was set up in 1992 and is greatly occupied in undertaking heritage conservation and restorations works.

Website – www.vikasdilawari.in
Mail – vikasdilawari@hotmail.com

Anthill Design established in 2005 is led by Riyaz Tayyibji, who invests time in developing and commenting on the architectural discourse in the country, whilst also undertaking design commissions.

Website – www.anthilldesign.com
Mail – contact@anthilldesign.com

Edifice, led by Pramod Balakrishnan the firm set up in 1987 in Chennai has to its credit, large workplace environments, housing, industrial and educational campuses. Pramod increasingly devotes his time to working on expanding the impact of CAF (Chennai Architectural Foundation) along with other founders and colleagues.

Website – www.edificepramod.co.in
Mail – edifice.pramod@gmail.com

Samira Rathod Design Atelier based out of Mumbai and led by Samira Rathod, the firm was set up in 2000. In addition to design commissions the firm invests considerable time in research and communication.

Website – www.srda.co
Mail – srda@srda.co

Arya Architects established in 2005 is led by Vijay and Meghal Arya. Based out of Ahmedabad, Meghal teaches at CEPT (Centre of Environmental Planning and Technology) and also has several international academic assignments. Vijay undertakes large public projects; such as the many city transport projects across the country.

Website – www.aryaarchitects.in
Mail – arya.architect@gmail.com

Hundred Hands set up by Bijoy Ramachandran and Sunitha Kondur in 2003, the firm is based out of Bengaluru. It undertakes architectural and interior design work.

Website – www.hundredhands.com
Mail – touch@hundredhands.com

The BusRide established by the brothers Zameer and Ayaz Basrai, the firm is located out of Mumbai and Goa and has to their credit a series of new age hospitality and entertainment establishments.

Website – www.jointhebusride.com
Mail – zameerbasrai@gmail.com

BARD Studio set up by Rupali Gupte and Prasad Shetty, the studio is a laboratory that examines Indian Urbanity and comments on it. Both Rupali and Prasad are full time academics at SEA (School of Environment and Architecture) at Mumbai.

Website – www.bardstudio.in
Mail – rupali@sea.edu.inprasad@sea.edu.in

M/s Prabhakar B. Bhagwat established by Prof. Prabhakar Bhagwat in 1973, the firm is now led by Aniket Bhagwat and continues its practice in areas of landscape design and environmental planning. Significant energies of the firm are devoted to pro-bono outreach programmes.

Website – www.landscapeindia.net
Mail – pbb-ahm@landscapeindia.net

Vastu Shilp Consultants the design studio of Prof. Balkrishna Doshi set up in 1955, is now led by Rajeev Kathpalia. In the recent times, winning several international competitions in India, the studio continues its legacy of undertaking projects of scale and type; and research is a strong underpinning in all these works.

Website – www.vastushilpa.org
Mail – vsc@sangath.org




23rd Feb – 04th Mar

Venue: Nehru Science Centre

Contact Person:
Mr. Anish Bajaj;
Mob: +91 9833022201
Email: anish@designowl.com


7th – 18th Jul

Venue: Indian Habitat Centre CLICK HERE

Contact Person:
Ms. Suparna Bhalla;
Email: suparna.bhalla


14th Sep-23rd Sep

Venue: David Hall

Contact Person:
Mr. Kunjan Garg;
Email: mangrove.mesh



17th Mar – 1st Apr

Venue: The Ark

Contact Person:
Ms. Pratiti Shah;
Email: pratiti@theark.in


27th Jul -5th Aug 2018


Contact Person:
Snehalata Pednekar;
Email: snehalatapednekar



Contact Person:
Mr. Dharmesh Jadeja;
Email: dharmesh



13th Apr – 22nd Apr

Venue: Gallery 78

Contact Person:
Ms. Prathyusha Viddam;

Mob: +91 9704999099


20th Oct – 10th Nov

Venue: Gallery Samukha

Contact Person:
Ms. Ishita Shah;
Email: ishitaushah.cept@


30th Nov – 10th Dec

Venue: Kolkata Centre For Creativity

Contact Person:
Mr. Sumit Dabriwal;
Email: sumit


15th June 2018 – 23rd June 2018

Venue: Bhimsen Joshi Hall

Contact Person:
Ms. Reena Salvi;
Email: reenasalvi



Contact Person:
Mr. Pramod Balakrishnan;
Email: edifice.pramod



Contact Person:
Mr. Anish Bajaj;
Email: anish@designowl.com

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